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I need to extract data from an html format and create a flat file to import it into a my sql table --- see the example


Date: Mon Dec 13 05:00:52 PST 2004
Subject: A500, no fourth gear
Vehicle: 90 Dodge van 250, 5.2 L
Mileage: 150,000


Original Customer Complaint: no 4th gear

Original Codes Present: none

Previous Repairs: none


Current Customer Complaint: no 4th gear

Codes Currently Present: none

Work Completed: o.h. of trans. with new solenoids. i can ground od wire and od comes in normally. i even went to pin 55 at the comp. and grounded the wire at the comp. which means that the wire going down to the trans. is ok. the comp has been replaced also.

Summary: none that i know of

Mike Kusbel -
TRNi Member Since: 12/10/97 (1 | 0)


  • Date: Mon Dec 13 05:28:42 PST 2004
    Subject: RE: A500, no fourth gear
    Vehicle: 90 Dodge van 250, 5.2 L

    Hi Mike, Here is some info from our TransDoc trans trouble shooting software that may help you with this condition. TransDoc Diagnostic Software Monday December 13, 2004 8:02:57 A500/A518 Trouble Group 18 -------------------------- Page 1 of 7 No 4th (OD) and/or No TCC 1) Check fuse and that connector at trans is plugged in. 2) TP/FIPL sensor or it's connections or ground circuit. 3) Can be caused by short in P/N switch circuit - See page 2 Engine will start in

    TRNi Member Since: 11/29/96 (0 | 90)

  • Date: Mon Dec 13 06:15:38 PST 2004
    Subject: RE: A500, no fourth gear
    Vehicle: 90 Dodge van 250, 5.2 L

    Mike; Have your dealer check the ECM number against the VIN It's possible that someone replaced the ECM with one from a non-OD vehicle (ask me how we know!)

    TRNi Member Since: 2/21/98 (0 | 92)


    Date: Tue Dec 14 04:29:35 PST 2004
    Subject: A500, no fourth gear

    i will perform some of the checks that dan,chuck and some of you other guys have mentioned later today and keep you apprised of my progress and the ultimate fix. thanks to all.


    Date: Thu Apr 20 05:43:18 PDT 2006
    Subject: A500, no fourth gear

    Posted Fix: it was the computer

    this vehicle was parked for a yr. or so at a garage\neighbor of mine. the vehicle belonged to people that lived in mexico. they had other vehicles so this one was not vital to them. any how the ultimate fix on this vehicle was a fourth comp. the whole problem was we could not get the comp. to ground at the trans. after the fourth comp. the trans. would go to fourth gear on it's own. thanks for the past replies. mike kusbel

by Steve F on Apr 22 2010 9:32am Reply

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