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FAQ: Importing Data

I have a CRM called Client Base. It is a Trams product and is used specifically in the travel industry. I just read that exporting search results to a CSV file will happen soon. Can you tell me whether I will be able to export my form data to Trams/Client Base. I apologize for my lack of knowledge but I've never dealt with this before and I need to be able to create an online contest entry form and want to eventually export the data to Client Base.

Although none of us were familiar with Client Base, I searched their website and found the answer in their user manual on page 104:
Quote:First you would export your SeaGreen data in CSV format, then import it to Client Base as a "comma delimited" file per their instructions.
Please be sure to read their documentation carefully and back up your data before importing any files (SeaGreen or otherwise) into your database.

Good luck!
by Constantin Florea on Jun 13 2010 12:47pm Reply

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