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Option for individual forms to share one database?

One of our clients requested the following:

Our web host charges us for every MySQL database we have over, I think, the first 10, and we've got to have a database dedicated to every application we host, sometimes one for each instance of an application. So the number of databases is a real concern to us. I wondered if it would be possible to have the option for individual forms to use separate *tables* in the same database.
Is this something you need too? Let us know and it may just make it onto our next "To Do" list!

lasares said:
Yes, it is certainly something I would need. In fact, I expected this to be possible when I bought the software.

I would even expect to be able to use an existing database. For exemple, my website uses a CMS with a MySQL database and I would expect to be able to use SeaGreen to create forms within this website and each new form so created would be another table in my CMS database.

Since you have already tought about it, may I ask when can we expect this feature?

admin said:
Thanks for the feedback!

The way SeaGreen is designed, it needs to use a separate database for each
form that it creates.

This software was really created for web designers & developers that are
not comfortable with databases and coding - therefore it has limited flexibility in that respect.

However, we'll keep it on our list of possible enhancements!

sixit said:
As a web developer who is comfortable with coding and databases, I still find appealing an application 'shortcut' for forms creation. I'm looking to save time and quick turn-around on custom forms. SeaGreen promises to be that shortcut, and despite being aware of this limitation I purchased it.

Using a different database for each form is problematic on many shared hosting accounts due to the few database allotments frequently given, and in quite a few cases users can run into trouble even when just two forms are created since this may max out or attempt to exceed the allowable number of DBs.

Preferable would be the option to create either a new db or use an existing db and use one or more new tables. This also makes it easier to work with the data using custom coding.

As a bonus, this makes it easier for SeaGreen, to create and do fancier things web designers and developers would love to do and see. (As an example, the incredibly powerful Joomla! CMS uses just a single database!) Allowing for the choice of using existing databases or creating a new database means higher sales to developers creating sites on hosting with a limited number of DBs as well as to developers and designers wanting more advanced functions and features.

Perhaps even more lucrative to you would be the option of licensing your product to script compilers (such as Fantastico) and hosting companies wanting to attract customers with ease-of-use form creation without taxing their backend database systems.

In short, you might consider this as a 'me too' post for more advanced db control.

Robert Reese~

admin said:

Thank you for your post! I appreciate how much thought you've put into this.

You have some excellent ideas (some we've had, and some we haven't) - it seems more and more likely that these capabilities will be included in our next release.

Keep the ideas coming!
by Constantin Florea on Jun 13 2010 1:10pm Reply

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