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Admin Module - Password Edit

Is it possible to accress on one's server the config file for the Admin Module in order to edit the password?  I realize that one can edit the password of the Admin Module in the Seagreen Environment (on one's desktop), but being able to edit it server-side would be really nice.
by John Geary on Jun 26 2010 8:13pm Reply

Admin Module - Password Edit

Hello, again, all!  When I posted my original message last night, I had not downloaded the trial.  I did this morning and I must say that the software is a snap to use.

I first created a subdomain called "forms" so my root directory would not get cluttered.  Then I created a test database, a test form (called "test1"), a test Admin Module, and published the test.  Then I went into my cpanel >>File Manager>>Forms>>test1_files and found, among others, config.js and config2.js - I highlighted each in turn and clicked on 'Edit' and was able to see the code.

config2.js was the file I asked about and, sure enough, the settings can be edited within one's cpanel.  That is especially important because, for a reason I cannot explain, when I was on Step 4 (Admin Module) within the Seagreen environment on my desktop, as I was creating the test form, there was no right scroll bar but the box to enter a re-direct url was "below the fold".  I could neither see it nor find a way to get to it.  But 'thanksURL' :  "", is one of the pieces of code within config2.js; so it is easy enough to insert the re-direct url between the quotation marks:
'thanksURL' : "http://www.mydomain.com/thanks.html", for example.

But it would be nice to know of to cure that apparent bug in the software.

All in all, though, I think Seagreen is a real nice addition.  I am currently paying $49 semi-annually for an online service.  All I get for that is to be able to create forms online, get the code, receive email notifications, and have the ability to export data to a csv file.  But the code comes un-formatted ("so you have complete flexibility to create any style you want") and if I cancel the subscription, I lose access to my forms.  Let me think, $98 per year with fewer features or a one-time fee of $149, free upgrades, and complete control of my forms.  Gee...
by John Geary on Jun 27 2010 12:07pm Reply

Admin Module - Password Edit


Thanks so much for your post, we're excited to see people's reaction to SeaGreen and to get your feedback. I'm glad that you're enjoying the demo version.

You're correct about the scrollbar on step 4, it's not present. If you're on a small screen the way around this is to collapse the other two sections so that the redirect URL is visible.

All the best!
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 27 2010 1:34pm Reply

Admin Module - Password Edit

Nico, thanks!  Collapsing 'Login Info' and 'Form Submission Notification' worked like a charm.
by John Geary on Jun 27 2010 1:44pm Reply

Admin Module - Password Edit

Although code written by SeaGreen can be edited via cpanel (or any other interface/program which allows you access to the files on your server) be aware that any code which is changed outside of the SeaGreen environment will be overwritten if your form is edited and re-published via SeaGreen.

Each time SeaGreen publishes a new version of your form, it re-writes (and thus overwrites) the existing code on the server.

Any changes you make to the code either via SeaGreen's Code Editor or outside of the application should be backed up before re-publishing so you can re-instate your modifications.

by Monique on Jul 7 2010 11:33pm Reply

Admin Module - Password Edit

Thanks for that heads up.
by John Geary on Jul 8 2010 7:25am Reply

Admin Module - Password Edit

You bet!
by Monique on Jul 8 2010 11:46pm Reply

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