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Posted in the SeaGreen Forum.

Can you hide the validation screen

When the user clicks on the SUBMIT button and all the required fields have been completed correctly, there is one final prompt detailing what the user has entered against the respective fields. 

Can this extra prompt be remove?  The reason is that I am creating a generic form and I do not want the user to see the respective fieldnames.

by Sonny Ching on Jun 28 2010 9:20pm Reply

Can you hide the validation screen

Can you send me the URL of your form so I can see exactly what's happening?

Thanks so much.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 1 2010 2:32pm Reply

Can you hide the validation screen

You can't turn this off via SeaGreen - although you probably could "turn it off" if you knew how to edit the code. This is not recommended.

However, if you remember to associate the field labels with the fields themselves, the confirmation page will look much cleaner as the labels will show up rather than the field names.

This is why it is important to use field labels rather than text blocks when creating your form label names (e.g., "First Name:" is a label name).

Does that help?
by Monique on Jul 3 2010 2:24pm Reply

Can you hide the validation screen

Yes.  I will make greater use of field labels but I will also explore editing the code option.

by Sonny Ching on Jul 4 2010 8:28am Reply

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