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Working with HTML files on your hard disk

Website Styler is able to work with pages from your hard disk as well as online web pages. In fact when it starts, it loads an HTML page which was copied on your hard disk when the application was installed. Just open Website Styler and notice that the second Address field contains the path to the "webStyler.html" file.

In the trial version of Website Styler you can only work with this file from your hard disk but in the licensed version you can work with any web page: from the internet or from your hard disk.

To browse to an HTML page on your hard disk, just type the name of a drive (or the full path of a folder if you know it) in one of the Address fields, for example "C:" and then press Enter.

This will allow you to browse to the required folder. Once you arrive to the folder containing the required HTML file you would have to copy the name of the HTML file and paste it at the end of the address field (don't forget to add any \ if necessary ). In a future version of Website Styler there should be an easier way to browse to the selected file.
by Constantin Florea on Sep 2 2010 4:08pm Reply

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