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MDB2 Error: connect failed

Hey Monique, I had a form up and created but I lost the original file. I just made a new form, and used the same name for the fields that already exist in the database I use. I just published the new form, and want them to, and I'm getting an error that says MDB2 Error: connect failed.

Is it impossible to plug a new form into an existing database?
MDB2 Error: connect failed
connect: [Error message: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)]
[Native code: 2002]
[Native message: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)]
by Christopher Patterson on Mar 9 2011 4:46pm Reply

MDB2 Error: connect failed

Also I use Dreamhost.
by Christopher Patterson on Mar 9 2011 6:51pm Reply

MDB2 Error: connect failed

If you named everything *exactly* the same - the form itself, the fields, the seagreen file name, etc. - it should overwrite on top of what you had before.

Did you get a "you already have a form by this name" alert when you tried to publish?

In either case, I would suggest rechecking your database login settings in the publish step. This is usually where the problem lies when a form gets a "can't connect" error.

Just a note with respect to this - I too have lost my .sea files! I'm now in the habit of keeping a copy of my .sea files on the server. I just push it via FTP.  =)
by Monique on Mar 10 2011 6:56pm Reply

MDB2 Error: connect failed

Will definitely keep a remote copy this time around.  I believe the problem is the Database host field. Right now I have the default "localhost" in there. If localhost isn't would I just ask Dreamhost for what I should put in this field?
by Christopher Patterson on Mar 14 2011 3:04pm Reply

MDB2 Error: connect failed

I am getting this same error....  What is happening?
by Melissa Zavadil on May 30 2011 11:28pm Reply

MDB2 Error: connect failed

This is usually due to one of two common reasons: 1. You did not create your database (and username/password) before creating and publishing your SeaGreen form. OR   2. Your database connection information is incorrect. In particular, check to see that "localhost" is the correct host name to be using, and your username and password. Sometimes your webhost username is appended to these two things.
by Monique on Jun 3 2011 4:57pm Reply

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