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Problem extracting text from lyrics site, plus some suggestions for the product

Just purchased HTML Text Extractor - I thought it would solve a problem I was having copying-and-pasting text from the lyrics site www.lyricsty.com.  However, I find that it doesn't help at all. Is the text here actually graphics? Here's the URL that I was looking at:

Also, in my opinion, a number of areas of the program could benefit from some minor usability improvements:
- When clicking links in the browser window of the program, the program correctly follows the clicks; however, the URL at the top stays the same. I don't see the new URL displayed anywhere. It would seem to me that since the program does display the HTML of the new URL, the URL itself should certainly be displayed somewhere as well.
- the HTML windows at the bottom does not update automatically. If I am viewing one site, and then I type a new URL in the bar and click "go", the HTML window at the bottom does not reflect the new URL until I click a new tab.
- There is a nice "pick HTML" feature to pick a specific element. Unfortunately, this seems to only affect the "extracted html" item. This feature would be much more useful if it would also limit the Extract Text window!

Finally, a question:
If I go to a site - say, iconico.com - and I view the "HTML Source", and I then click "preview", the resulting page is very different from the actual page (it is missing a lot of the graphics, etc.). Why is this?

Thank you,
by Avi S on Jul 5 2011 8:12am Reply

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