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Line Reader 2.4 has been released

Line Reader 2.4 has been released. To update to this new version you will have to quit any previously installed Line Reader version (1.0, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3) if they are running then download and install Line Reader 2.4.

The application has now a built-in highlighter:

- to activate the highlighter you can press the 'Highlight' button found in the top menu. To deactivate it you can press the same button again.
- there is a new key toggle (default is CTRL + SHIFT + E) which allows to toggle the active state of the highlighter.
- you can set the highlighter to be active/on all the time (when mouse is not clicked) and this way you can have a spotlight following your mouse where ever it goes. You can even set it to leave spotlight trails by increasing the number of highlighter mark groups.
- or you can set the highlighter to be active/on only when you click (and drag) the mouse which gives the ability to encompass certain regions of the screen during a presentation. The number of highlighter mark groups in this case will (logically) represent the number of groups you can have at any one time on your screen.
- both highlighter modes presented above are great for presentation since it gives you spotlight functionality and encompassing functionality (just change the highlighter mode to switch between the two).
- specify whether the highlighter marks are click through-able or click aware (by default they are click through-able).
- set the opacity of the highlighter
- there is a 9 color item palette present from which you can select a highlighter color by clicking the respective color item. You can right click the same item to select the color it holds.
- the shape of the highlighter mark(s) can be set to a filled shape like: circle, ellipse, rectangle, rhombus, triangle up/down/left/right, trapezoid, rhombus, horizontal and vertical lines or to an outline shape like: empty circle, empty ellipse, empty rectangle, empty rhombus and empty triangle up/down/left/right.
- the highlighter brush size affects the size of the highlighter mark(s) (no matter the shape type)
- the highlighter pen size affects the size of the outline when the highlighter brush type is set to an outline shape
- all the highlighter properties can be used in the Line Reader profiles
by Constantin Florea on Oct 4 2011 10:10pm Reply

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