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Posted in the WebTools Pro Forum.

WebTools phones home before loading...

I was shocked as hell to learn that while the iconico website was down this afternoon for some time, my LICENSED version of WebTools would not load.

Apparently WebTools phones home before loading up and because the site was down I couldn't use it for several hours.

Not very nice since you got my $19 in your pocket. I have to hope your site will remain up for years to come to continue to use your product?

I thought I purchased a license to use this product. Instead what I purchased was a web dongle to open it.

Not cool.
by Dave on May 1 2005 3:37pm Reply

WebTools phones home before loading...


Sorry that you're unsatisfied with WebTools Pro. We had an error at our hosting company this afternoon and unfdortunatly the whole site was down for about fifteen minutes.

The reason that WebTools Pro has to be connected to the web is because the tools and user interface are hosted online. This is fully documented in the End User License Agreement that is part of the installation program. I hope that this is also clear from the WebTools homepage.

We are planning a verison 2.0 of WebTools Pro which will have support of caching locally so that the application will be less sucepatable to our very occasional service outages. Also theis will have the benefit that users will not need to be online to use the application as is currently the case.

If you have any further questions or feeback then please let us know.
by Nico Westerdale on May 1 2005 6:01pm Reply

WebTools phones home before loading...


Apparently some people don't realize that companies come and go but often users continue to use good software long after the company has gone away. A couple that I use are TimeZone and NetMedic, both of which I purchased but the companies either have gone away or no longer support/sell the product.
by Gary on Mar 29 2006 9:15am Reply

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