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Styling Wordpress

Hello Constantine, nice work you must be a genius!

I bought Styler after seeing the comment on BitsDjour that you CAN style wordpress, but I just don't see how to do this, currently wordpress uses many different stylesheets.

?? thanks :^D
by Richard User on Sep 18 2012 1:18am Reply

Styling Wordpress

You can style any HTML page using Website Styler because Website Styler works with HTML elements. All you have to do is browse to a page and then click  the HTML element you want and start modifying it's properties using Website Styler's interface. Make sure to have the "Follow Links" check box unchecked so that when you press an image or a link, it will stay on the same page. 

Website Styler offers a quick way to see how the elements in page would look using different colors, width, height, font, background, border, margin, padding, positioning, etc. To do this, Website Styler does not use style-sheets in it's current version but instead it uses inline CSS which ensures that all other styles are overridden.
by Constantin Florea on Sep 18 2012 8:02am Reply

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