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LineReader is linked to mouse

I have some clients that want a line on the screen that can slide up and down as though they are keeping a finger on it, while continuing to work on another screen. Let's say screen A contains a long tabular list and screen B is a data entry screen. The client wants to move the line down one line at a time as they complete the transfer of data to screen B.
This would require a wide line, independent of the mouse position. Once one data entry is complete on the right, they come back to screen A and slide the line down the screen with the mouse. It would now be underlining the next row of data to work on.

I hoped that Line Reader could do this. If so, how? If not, please tell me if you know of something that does. 
Many thanks
by Michael Gill on Sep 25 2013 11:53am Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

I think you can easily do this with Line Reader however not using the actual line but instead using the Shapes tab. The idea is that you can add a Rectangle shape to the screen which will stay on top of all the other windows and you can resize this rectangle to your wish by dragging it from the right bottom corner. You can make it as big as you want (in the full version) both in width and height. You can also change its color or even create your own shapes. To add the Rectangle shape to your screen you need to click on the check box near the Rectangle  and then press the “Add to Scene” button. You can add other shapes to your screen like circles, or triangles pointing to the right or left (indicating the row where the work is currently done) but I believe the rectangle would be the best in the context you mention because you can simply put it just below the current line. If you have any other questions, just let us know by posting here.
by Constantin Florea on Sep 25 2013 12:41pm Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

Thanks for the prompt reply. I think you're on the right track. I can get a rectangle to display and sit still until I move it. That's good. However, it is resistant to dragging the corner to being wide. If I grab the corner I can reshape it but only to about a 1 inch square. As noted, I need it to stretch the width of the screen, and it sould be fairly thin/narrow.
I can grab the bottom right corner and stretch it, but it snaps back to the small size when released.
by Michael Gill on Sep 25 2013 1:36pm Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

In the trial version, the width and height to which you can resize the shapes are limited. In the unlocked version you can make any shape as big as you want, both in width and height. After purchasing, you can use the registration code to unlock the application removing any limitations such as the one you describe.
by Constantin Florea on Sep 25 2013 3:15pm Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

I also request this.
The problem with using the rectangle shape is that it is not possible to make the rectangle less than 30 pixels tall.  I really don't want a big, fat rectangle that is independent of the mouse, I want a thin line.  I have the registered version and can make the rectangle as wide as a want, but I definitely want it to be less than 30 pixels tall!

The idea is for the line to be small enough that it can be between lines of text, not so thick that it covers an entire row of text.

Also.... as far as I can tell there is no transparency option in the shapes.  You end up with a thick, obvious rectangle that completely blocks text.
by Mark Johnson on Apr 7 2014 3:36pm Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

After posting the above I figured out how to change transparency on shapes.  It is awkward to get at, but is there (select color - then choose alpha level).

However, this is a poor alternative to a thin line that is independent of the position of the mouse.

NOTE:  I started a new thread also with the same info that is in these two postings.  There appears to be some type of problem with this forum -- after I posted my response above it was no longer possible to view anything more than the original posting in the thread.  That problem seems to have cleared up after some time passed.
by Mark Johnson on Apr 7 2014 4:13pm Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

We will provide the following: a lower limit of 5 pixels for a shape. This lower limit of 5 pixels should be a thin enough line because going lower than that would be hard to grab the shape quickly in order to drag it around.

To change the alpha level for a shape in Line Reader you would indeed need to click on the shape (to tell the application which is the current shape) then right click the shape, then select the color including the alpha level and then click on the Get Color button.

You are correct that there are issues with the forum. I received the notification of your comment by email but didn't see the comment right away until I posted that "test" comment which made all the posts visible.
by Constantin Florea on Apr 7 2014 4:38pm Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

We will provide this in the next few days. If there are any other
suggestions you may have about the application, please write them here.
by Constantin Florea on Apr 7 2014 5:17pm Reply

LineReader is linked to mouse

This feature has been released. You can now make the rectangle shape (or any of the other shapes) as small as 5 pixels (in width or in height). Make sure to download the application from the product page:
by pressing the Download button.

Please notice that you can also build your own shapes by clicking on the "Shapes Window" button in the "Shapes" tab. You can build and store (for later usage) as many custom shapes as you want.
by Constantin Florea on Apr 8 2014 12:30pm Reply

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