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Easy Read iconMagnify webpages as you browse the web to easily read anything.

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Will this software work o n FireFox ? or is it strickly IE dependant?

This tool would be exteremly useful for MD individuals if it supports other browsers then IE?

by Randy Schwanke on Sep 27 2005 8:40am Reply


I'm sorry but EasyRead is Internet Explorer only. The reason being that the page zooming functions are only available to Internet Explorer, and Firefox does not support them. I know that Firefox's Text Size command will work in a similar way to zoom in on a page.
by Nico Westerdale on Sep 27 2005 9:46am Reply


Thank you. It will still be very useful for my Mother who is loosing her sight. Just needed to know so I could get the right browser setup for her.

by Randy Schwanke on Sep 27 2005 10:49am Reply


You might want to try the freeware Opera browser http://www.opera.com/
It has zoom control in the menu and also by using keyboard + and - and retains magnification between pages and other sites.
by Peter on Oct 1 2005 4:20am Reply


tell Randy that Firefox works GREAT on increasing text size you can just keep clicking the increase text when looking at a web screen. Click View in menu bar and then text size and then increase not sure just how large it will go but it is wonderfuly simple.
Go for it..
by He on Feb 18 2006 10:45pm Reply


Easy Read works slightly differntly in that it zooms the images too, which is especially useful for those with poor vision. It's also handy for scaling pages too wide to print.
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 18 2006 11:17pm Reply

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