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Maybe I'm missing something very basic here. I downloaded Caliper's 2 to use with Photoshop and when I go to print size within Photoshop, Caliper's is not even close. I'm sure that I'm doing something wrong. Any clue to what it may be?
Thanks Karen
by Karen Lister on May 10 2002 10:45am Reply


The calipers are configured for 72dpi (dots per inch), which is the standard printing size. If you print out on a regular printer then one inch should match the caliper's inch. The print preview you're using is probably at a differnt scale to this. If you need to print on different scales then the full version allows custom configuration.

I hope this helps.

NW - Iconico.
by Nico Westerdale on May 16 2002 1:34pm Reply


you are viewing the image in pixel size in photoshop
by mk mk on Dec 28 2003 10:22am Reply


Or it's possible it's the fact that "Print Size" zoom option in Photoshop is hardly (if ever) accurate.

For instance, since I've been using a 12 inch powerbook for a while - Photoshop thinks that print size for me is 24% of the image size, when in fact print size is 34.9%, a huge difference! (And one that I failed to notice and may have cost me hundreds of dollars...)
Easiest way to figure that out is to pop rulers on in photoshop, make sure it's in inches, and open up the navigator window. Slide the slider until one inch on screen = one inch on the ruler.

What I did then was to do the same trick with Caliper to create a "true inch" tool - that shows me on screen what an actual inch should be. - If you do this first you don't really need that ruler later on. And from that point on, it's a good reference.
by Dave on Mar 27 2006 1:55am Reply

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