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Line Reader iconTurn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

Posted in the Line Reader Forum.

How do I TURN OFF the lines by my cursor?

The stop button does not work and neither does exiting the program. I don't want to see lines by my cursor ALL THE TIME. I want to only use the program when reading a document!
by philip malone on Dec 23 2016 5:00pm Reply

How do I TURN OFF the lines by my cursor?

To stop the main line from appearing near the cursor you may press the Stop button however if the Stop button doesn't work for you then you may Start or Stop the line using a key combination you define in the Settings -> Keyboard Setup tab. The default key combination is CTRL + SHIFT + O to Stop the line and CTRL + SHIFT + Q to Start the line but you can define your own combination. To use the key combination make sure the "Enable Key Listener Across Applications" checkbox is checked. For any updates you make to the Settings section make sure you press the Save button before leaving the Settings window.

The Helper Line can be started/stopped by checking/unchecking the "USE HELPER LINE" check box in the main window in the "Line Reader" tab.

The multilines can be started/stopped using the Multilines button from the right.
by Constantin Florea on Dec 23 2016 8:18pm Reply

How do I TURN OFF the lines by my cursor?

I have the same problem. Neither of your suggested solutions work. The programme does not accept any commands. Any further suggestions?
by Sirpa on Mar 28 2017 11:11am Reply

How do I TURN OFF the lines by my cursor?

I just sent you an email about this issue.
by Constantin Florea on Mar 28 2017 7:12pm Reply

How do I TURN OFF the lines by my cursor?

I am having the same problem.

Also using my computer in 100% scale makes everything very small.

This is not a well made application.

I am requesting a full refund please.
by Toby Blackmore on May 13 2020 1:55pm Reply

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