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Line Reader iconTurn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

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Max LineReader length

The LineReader info states that the max length of LineReader will be limited in the trial version.  I need the line to be full width of my computer screen.  Will the paid version of LineReader permit this length?
by John White on Oct 21 2017 7:04pm Reply

Max LineReader length

In the registered version, the length of the line in Line Reader can have a max value of 2048 pixels. If you want an even higher max value than 2048 pixels, then we can create a special installer for you with the desired max value. The same applies for the width: in the registered version, the width has a maximum value of 2048 pixels but we can set it to a higher value in the special installer.
by Constantin Florea on Oct 21 2017 7:20pm Reply

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