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HTML in clipboard

Whys is it that if I copy an area or complete web page that is formatted as XHTML all the tags are converted to lower case and some of the quotes are removed?

div class="myclass"


DIV class=myclass

I can see that Clipstory is cleverly trying to make sense of selected areas within a web page but could there not be an option to preserve the case of the tags? Maybe it would be useful to use colours to highlight the HTML - maybe not as the code will likely be pasted into an editor anyway!
by Ron User on Nov 14 2008 6:49pm Reply

HTML in clipboard

And when I say "converted to lower case" - I actually mean CONVERTED TO UPPER CASE - doh!
by Ron Smith on Nov 14 2008 6:51pm Reply

HTML in clipboard

Ron, this is actually a browser issue.

- Internet Explorer messes with the div class="myclass" tag by upper casing the "div" and removing the quotes thus resulting a DIV class=myclass. Even copying the web page selection in FrontPage shows you how the tags is transformed to upper case and the quotes removed. So this is an internal IE issue. This is how IE (6.0) was built. Changing this would mean to talk to the developers of IE to fix this functionality.

- on the other hand Firefox Mozilla leaves the div class="myclass" tag intact which makes it a more suitable browser for what you want: the case is maintained and the quotes are there.

So if you use Firefox then the tags will be lower case. However each browser does reformat the source as part of their rendering engine, it's just the way things work.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 15 2008 10:29am Reply

HTML in clipboard

Thanks Nico, I never knew that. I just assumed that because notepad shows the source from IE pages correctly that it must have been a Clipstory issue.

It all works fine in Firefox.
by Ron Smith on Nov 17 2008 9:47am Reply

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