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Migration Wizard Performance

Hello, I'm currently trying to convert my VB6 application ├║sing the UniToolBox 1 Migration Wizard.

My project contains approx. 50 Forms and about 30 Classes and Modules.

When I start the Migration Wizard the CPU is occupied by 100 % and the window Substituting Controls is shown. The problem is: After 2 hours of work there is no change with the progress indicator progress bar.

Is there a way to check whether the migration wizard is working at all? Are there estimations how long the conversion process is goint to work?

Thank you in advance
by Robert Mieslow on Feb 16 2009 5:09am Reply

Migration Wizard Performance

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately there is no way of seeing the indication, as you've already experienced. The wizard should convert everything fine in the majority of cases, but as the controls are different it can hang in some places. It's probably just one form that's causing the problems, and What I suggest that you do is make a copy of your project, delete half the forms and run the wizard on that set and by process of deduction find the form that's causing the problem and convert that one over by hand.

I hope this helps.
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 16 2009 1:13pm Reply

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