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UniCaption problem

Hello again,

I have recently had hard times trying to figure out why my UniCaption controls behave chaotically. Sometimes they displayed Unicode form captions just fine, and sometimes refused to do so, showing ????????? instead of proper Unicode.

I spent half a day with this but failed to find a certain pattern when it happens. My code is 100% ok. I only noticed that this depends on the state of other controls on the form. Same window displays Unicode caption for one data row, but ???? for another data row, because some controls will depend on row data. But no bulletproof rule or way to reproduce this bug.

Then I found undocumented property IsThemed and voila - setting .IsThemed = False fixed everything! Unicode form caption is displayed with any data now.

What is this property anyway, and how come it fixes the caption?
by Wapper on Apr 5 2009 2:35pm Reply

UniCaption problem

The IsThemed property is present on many VB controls. I suggest that if you're not using Theming then you do not use this property.
by Nico Westerdale on Apr 5 2009 5:06pm Reply

UniCaption problem

I have never heard about IsThemed. Can you please explain what it does? Googling "IsThemed property" returns my original post as most relevant in the world :)
by Wapper on Apr 6 2009 4:56pm Reply

UniCaption problem

It's for applying themes to the windows, the chrome around the windows. There is a SetThemeAppProperties statement which can be used to control this. For normal functions please set this to false.
by Nico Westerdale on Apr 10 2009 3:37am Reply

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