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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Make it Open source

Hi guys,

Your software (especially Screen Calipers) was once great and useful - but now it is outdated and does - AFAIK - neither run on modern Windows (10) nor newer Mac OS. It's hard to believe for me that you are still making money with this stuff. So - why not putting the code of your software to Github and make it open source so that other coders can do what you do not seem to neither willing nor able to do?

by Michael Perlbach on Apr 23 2020 11:14pm Reply

Make it Open source

The latest version does work on Windows 10 but for Mac we don't have a version which works on the latest Mac OS.

If you have trouble using the application on Windows let me know.
by Constantin Florea on Apr 23 2020 11:38pm Reply

Make it Open source


I do indeed have problems with Screen Calipers on Windows 10 - I installed it on threee different machines and it's always the same.
SC bounces around when trying to drag or change it with the mouse - and quite often, the application gets bigger and smaller without any reason. So this program is not of any use under Windows 10.

As I noticed in your forum this was already mentioned by others several times  - your "recommendation" that it is somehow related to Google Earth is definitely wrong as I do neither use Google Earth nor any other "graphic intensive applications". And I think even in the case of "graphic intensive applications" SC should still run stable. It's a reproducable bug - so please fix it.

Your claim "The latest version does work on Windows 10 but for Mac we don't have a version which works on the latest Mac OS." is truly nothing more than a punch in the face of the Mac users who bought your software and are now unable to use it - the same applies to Windows 10 users - it definitely does not work in Windows 10.

So please, sit down, fix your bugs, create version 4.1 and we all are happy - or make SC open source.


by Michael Perlbach on Apr 24 2020 9:17am Reply

You Don't fix known issues

Despite the two newest posts both advising the same problem, it appears no effort has been made to fix the bouncing issue on Windows 10. Despite the long period between them.

I regularly check for a new update.

I also regularly uninstall and a reinstall in the hopes that a once useful tool will start working again.

In my case I have 3 x 4K monitors and a top spec PC, so it's not a hardware issue.

I am now giving up and buying an alternative product. I won't buy any more of your new software. I do own several of your products already.

I was prompted to write this because I have just tried your Points On A Canvas.

COMPLETE RUBBISH on multi screens. It grayed out one screen and completely stopped me using the PC until I closed it down.

Don't you use multis creens in your company?
by Jaison Curtis on Jan 20 2021 12:12pm Reply

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