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hide Line Reader from Alt-Tab-Switcher


I've upgraded to Windows 7 and reinstalled LineReader today. Unfortunately I have to disable it most of the time because I use Alt-Tab-Switch a lot and Line Reader sets itself to always first place in list so Alt-Tab isn't working anymore while LineReader is running.

Could you please release quick a patched version that is hiding Line Reader from Alt-Tab-Switcher as it has no function anyway?

Thanks for making a great tool.

Steve Newport
by Steve Newport on Nov 16 2009 10:05am Reply

hide Line Reader from Alt-Tab-Switcher


Thanks for pointing this out, I'll forward your request to the developer and we'll take a look.

best regards.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 16 2009 12:14pm Reply

hide Line Reader from Alt-Tab-Switcher Solved

Hi Steve,

Thank you for your interest in the Line Reader application. Please notice that today 11.22.2009 we released an updated version of Line Reader (still version 2.0) having the Alt-Tab issue solved.

All you have to do now is reinstall the application by doing the following steps:
- quit the Line Reader application if it's running
- uninstall Line Reader
- download the (new) setup file from the application's page: http://www.iconico.com/linereader/
- install the downloaded setup file

by Constantin Florea on Nov 22 2009 1:04pm Reply

hide Line Reader from Alt-Tab-Switcher Solved


Great! Thank you for quick fixing this issue.

Steve Newport
by Steve Newport on Nov 23 2009 5:54am Reply

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