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UniListView: Reorder ColumnHeaders


i have a problem to read the positions of the columnheaders.

iam reading every column after changing the columnpositions in the UniListView-Control with following code.

For Each column In UniListViewControl.ColumnHeaders
textvalue= column .Text

but the columnposiotions are the same like befor changing.

start with "ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC"
reorder to "ColumnB, ColumnC, ColumnA"

i can see at the control "ColumnB, ColumnC, ColumnA"
but the result of reading columns ist "ColumnA, ColumnB, ColumnC"

How can i read the actual columnposition??

by Markus Ruppert on Nov 17 2009 9:19am Reply

UniListView: Reorder ColumnHeaders

Perhaps I could not explain my problem exactly.
It is very important for me to save the positions of each column.
Unfortunately, it looks as if the property ".position" while moving of columns not to be updated.

Is there any solution to the problem?
by Markus Ruppert on Nov 18 2009 4:59am Reply

UniListView: Reorder ColumnHeaders


Interesting issue, I'm wondering if you could read the text of the column header and address the problem that way?
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 18 2009 1:25pm Reply

UniListView: Reorder ColumnHeaders

Hello Nico,

i dont know what you mean with your question.

if i loop throu the columnheadercollection, for example in this way

While lncounter UniListViewControl.ColumnHeaders.Count
textvalue = UniListViewControl.ColumnHeaders.Item(lncounter + 1).Text
positionvalue= UniListViewControl.ColumnHeaders.Item(lncounter + 1).Position
debug.print lncounter & "=" & textvalue & " " & positionvalue
lncounter = lncounter + 1

the ".Position"-Property before and after moving a column the same value.
If i have columns A,B,C and moving the columns to C,B,A the debug.print result of the loop after reorder is
1=A 1
2=B 2
3=C 3

on my screen i can see
1=C 1
2=B 2
3=A 3

May i make any mistake. I just want to know wich column is at wich position after reorder the columns.
Sorry, my english is not very well.
by Markus Ruppert on Nov 19 2009 3:35am Reply

UniListView: Reorder ColumnHeaders

I understand the problem, and I've asked the developers to take a look, but unfortunatly we don't have a solution at this time.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 20 2009 8:54am Reply

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