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Easy Read iconMagnify webpages as you browse the web to easily read anything.

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EasyRead for Windows Outlook Express

Is it possible EasyRead to use for Windows Outlook Express or perhaps in future?
Thanks for your inovating program
Cor Martens
by Cor Martens on Jul 6 2006 1:14pm Reply

EasyRead for Windows Outlook Express

I'm sorry, but Outlook Express and other appliations simply will not work with Easy Read. We've looked into it and there is not much we can do.

You can cahnge the default font size in Outlook Express, if you look under the 'options' menu item you'll find some font settings. I hope this helps.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 6 2006 1:20pm Reply

EasyRead for Windows Outlook Express

Easyread is fantastic thing that happened to me. I can afford to keep the monitor faraway and still read and work.

For outlook express I use windows magnifier from the all programs/Accessories/Accessibility/magnifier and it works well. Let me know how you get on.

by Jitendra Parmar on Aug 10 2006 11:19pm Reply

EasyRead for Windows Outlook Express

We also have a totally free magnifier available here if you'd like to try it:
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 11 2006 10:07am Reply

EasyRead for Windows Outlook Express

Thank you, I have tried it. However, I prefer the XP one.
by Jitendra Parmar on Aug 11 2006 10:50pm Reply

EasyRead for Windows Outlook Express

Hi Nico,
I use a slightly different method to take advantage of EasyRead.
Since I save most of my email in HTML format,since it then becomes independent of an email client.
I use the same method for Outlook Express.
Once it is saved,you can open it in Internet Explorer and use EasyRead :)
A shortcut to the "Saved" folder will make this a quick method.

Nico,thanks a lot for making this available for free.This is a great help to thousands of seniors who may have trouble reading some small fonts in IE.EasyRead is far more convenient than XP's Textsize.
by Peter Jansen on Sep 14 2006 10:39am Reply

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