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Hi there,

How can i get a enterprise or corporate license for this tool? I can't run this in our QA environment but it works fine with Dev and Local.

Any idea?


by Sheju John on Jul 10 2006 4:24am Reply


Thanks for the message, we don't offer a enterprise license, but I've sent you an email on how we can license your development servers.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 10 2006 8:18am Reply


Hi, I'd like to do the same. I have one website accessed by different domain names and can't use colorpop when accessed by different ones (i.e. google.com and google.net). Can i license an enterprise version that won't give me an incorrect xml key error?
by Avi Muchnick on Aug 1 2006 8:47pm Reply


Thanks for the message. The technology ColorPop uses must check the domain the it is placed on, and uses a unique key for the domain. This is to stop some third party from simply downloading ColorPop and using it on their own server. This iswhy we simply cannot offer enterprise licenses, it would open us up for unfettered piracy.

However we do understand the issues involved and we will be happy to give out additional server licenses for the situations such as yours for little or no charge on a case by case basis.

Thanks for your understanding on this.
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 1 2006 9:50pm Reply


Thanks, I'm happy to pay an extra fee for this ability and am also happy to sign any documentation you need that I wouldn't redistribute it.

I have a unique situation - I have one website that appears in multiple languages and we use different country domain names to specify which language it is. The common denominator between all sites is that the word that is registered in each country is the same.

Here are examples of what I mean:



So if you're able to provide me with a version that checks whether or not the word "example." is a part of the domain, (but doesn't care what the country code or top level domain is) then I would be greatly appreciative and it would prevent third parties from using the swf (since they'd need to own a domain with the word "example" in it and we own almost all of them).

Thanks for the quick response!
by Avi Muchnick on Aug 1 2006 10:20pm Reply


Just an addendum - even though we use different domains, they are actually all part of the same website and use the exact same code. They all would therefore share the same xml key file.
by Avi on Aug 1 2006 10:22pm Reply


I'm glad you understand the situation. The easiest solution for us would be to issue you with multiple serial numbers which you can activate for each of your domains. You can place these keys in the same single XML file so that no matter where the visitor comes from ColorPop will still work. There is no limit to these, you could have hundereds or thousands, but each must be activated to generate a key.

Modifying the code to accept the variation on the domain is probably something we would not do as it requires modifying the ColorPop code and again opens us up for abuse by a third party who could download the ColorPop and exploit that feature.

Please contact us off-list for specifics on the pricing, I'd need to know how many domains you are interested in registering:
by on Aug 1 2006 10:28pm Reply

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