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The pop-up color picker control for webpages. Let your website visitors pick a color in a snap.

Posted in the ColorPop Forum.

Changing websites

I needed to stop using a domain because it was getting spoofed by too many spammers. Unfortunately, it was the domain registered to colorpop. I'm now using a different domain, but since it is not the one registered with colorpop, the page that uses it doesn't work. I assumed I could send an email to info@iconico.com (like it tells me to), but it seems the address does not actually exist.

Anyway, I hope a forums moderator can lend me a hand. Please send me an email and I'll reply with my license information so you can fix it.
by Randy Gilbert on Jan 12 2007 9:35am Reply

Changing websites

We will be happy to help you out, please contact us through this page:

We no longer use that email address due to overspamming.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 12 2007 9:57am Reply

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