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Fast WhoIs After you've installed the Fast WhoIs you should find using the tool straightforward. You can use the tips below to get the most out of the application
Top Tips on Getting Started Using the Fast WhoIs
1. Getting domain name details
Enter the domain name of the website that you want get get details for in the 'Domain Name' textbox. You should not enter 'http' or 'www', just the main domain for the website you're looking for, for example 'iconico.com'. Fast WhoIs will automatically look it up for you.
2. Automatically scanning domains
If you leave the 'Read Clipboard Text Every 10 sec' checkbox checked then Fast WhoIs will automatically scan all text that you copy from any other application or document.
3. Manage the queue
Fast WhoIs stores the domains that it will extract as a queue. To load domains from a file, add multiple domains or delete domains click the 'Show Queue' button. To empty the clipboard of the next queue item click 'Empty Clipboard'.
4. Change the WhoIs Server
Fast WhoIs can get details from a variety of WhoIs servers, each of which may have different details. You can choose which server by changing the item in the 'WhoIs Server' dropdown. You can choose to get details from all the servers by clicking 'Use All Servers' instead of 'Use Selected Server'.
5. Saving results
If you want to automatically save results you can enter a filename in the 'Write Query to File' textbox. This will automatically write all of your results to a text file. You can choose to add to the file by clicking the 'Append To File' checkbox.

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