Image Filter Pro 100 - Filters Preview

Delicious Image Effects and Transformations

Image Filter Pro 100 - Filters Preview

Image Filter Pro 100 has over 100 filters (it was released with 135 filters to be more exact).
Below you can see the resulting image of only some of the existing filters in Image Filter Pro 100.
Simply hover over an image in the gallery below and a tool tip will appear with the name of the applied filter.

As you may already know: You can combine any of these filters by creating filter groups.     
Please notice that in order to obtain a desired effect when using filter groups, the order of the filters inside that filter group is very important.

For example to obtain a 'cartoon' like effect for an image you would have to create a filter group which contains the following filters (the order is important):
and apply this filter group to an image
This is the same thing as applying the two filters separately.

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