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Image Filter Pro 100
After you've installed Image Filter Pro 100 you should find using the tool straightforward. You can use the tips below to get the most out of the application.
Top Tips on Getting Started Using Image Filter Pro 100
1. Capturing Website Images in Image Filter Pro 100
With Image Filter Pro 100, capturing images from websites is as simple as navigating the Internet. Just enter the URL of any website into the Address Bar and press Enter to begin. Image Filter Pro 100 will load the web page, then extract all images on that page to a separate window under the browser. Select ‘Save All Images’ to save these files to your computer. If you want Image Filter Pro 100 to remember these images next time it is started, they would have to be added to the 'My Images' section using the 'To My Images' button. You may then view these images by clicking on the ‘My Images’ tab in the main Image Filter Pro 100 application window. Using the 'Filter All Images' button you can filter the acquired images using the filter (or filter group) of your choice.
You can filter images in real time (while navigating the Web) by first selecting a filter or filter group and then making sure the 'Filter Page Using' checkbox is checked.
2. Working with Filters in Image Filter Pro 100
To see all of the filters that are available for your use, click on the ‘Filters’ tab in the Image Filter Pro 100 application window, then click on the ‘System Filters’ tab. For each filter that you wish to use, highlight it and click the ‘Add to Filters’ button. Once you have done so, the filter will be available for use on the ‘Filters’ button on the top right menu of the application window.
You may find yourself applying the same combination of filters to a series of images to obtain a certain effect. In these circumstances, you may find it useful to create a Filter Group, which allows you to implement several filters on an image or images with a single click of the mouse.
To create a Filter Group, click on the ‘Filter Groups’ tab, then click on ‘New’. From here, you may give your Filter Group a name and description, then proceed to select as many filters as you wish to be included in the group. From the section of the window labeled ‘Filters Available for Selection’, highlight each desired filter and click the ‘Add Filter’ button to include it in the group. When you are finished, click ‘Save’.
You may also customize any system filter and save it as a User Filter. To do so, just click on the ‘User Filters Based on System Filters’ tab, then click the ‘New’ button. Select the system filter that you wish to customize from the list, modify it to your own preferences, then click ‘Save’.
3. Applying Filters to Images
To apply filters to images, click on the ‘My Images’ tab to display your collection of images, then click on the ‘Filter All’ button to select your desired filter or Filter Group. Using the tabs to navigate, select either a Filter Group, System Filter, User Filter, or Filter by DLL and double-click your selection. Image Filter Pro 100 will apply the filter and either open a new Preview tab showing you the results, or display the results in a new window. After reviewing the results in the Preview tab, you may save your images as new files. You should note that your original images will remain unaffected, giving you the freedom to experiment with different filters on a whim!

Here is an example of applying the Replace Channel filters on a single image.
And then another example of applying the Invert filter on each of these already filtered images.
4. Using Batch Processing
There are some times when you do not want to apply a filter to your entire collection of images. The Batch Processing tab lets you apply filters and filter groups to selected files and folders. To do this, just click on the ‘Batch Processing’ tab, double-click on the filters and filter groups that you wish to use, then click on the ‘Browse File’ or ‘Browse Folder’ buttons to select specific files or folders for processing. When you are ready, click the ‘Run Batch’ button to apply the selected filter to the selected files and folders.

To see actual filtered images check out our filters preview page

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