Points On A Canvas

Watch our Points On A Canvas Movies, and find out all the ins and outs on how to use the software.

Points On A Canvas Online Movies
Points On A Canvas Points On A Canvas Presentation - shows the main elements of the Points On A Canvas application.

Adding new points - shows how to add new points on the canvas.

Updating the rendered text associated with clicked points - shows how to update the rendered text associated with the clicked points. You can even use your own words.

Perimeter Window - shows how to work with the Perimeter Window.

Point Groups - shows how to work with Point Groups. Each point can be assigned one or as many Point Groups as you want. Two points are connected by a line if they have at least one Point Group in common.

Movement Controller - shows the Movement Controller window which allows you to select a group of points and move them around the canvas.

'Point Mode' option for newly added points - shows how to control the way the new points are added to the canvas: whether or not they are connected and how they are connected.

Creating new measurement units - shows how to create and use new measurement units: manually or using Live Calibration.

Background images for canvas - shows how to work with background images for the canvas.

Point based shapes - shows how to work with point based shapes.

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