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How to Extract Paragraph

Hi, Nico,

Can you help me to write a RegEx to extract every paragraph (containing symbols and non-word charactors) in a text file and output every paragraph as a row into Excel, leaving the blank lines and spaces out.

Case I: non-selectively extract every paragraph (containing non-words symbols);

Case II: extract paragraphs (containing non-word symbols) by matching some key words: taxol or vioxx or aspirin


by Dave Kem on Nov 8 2007 8:05pm Reply

How to Extract Paragraph

Hi Dave,

I'm actually not that good at regular expressions, the javascript rules are more my thing. I'd look on any of the RegEx websites, they will work the same in the software.
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 9 2007 12:41am Reply

How to Extract Paragraph

Are there any script to scrape yahoo answers best answers?
or can you provide one?
by on Feb 27 2009 3:08am Reply

How to Extract Paragraph

We don't have one on file, but we can create on for you:
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 27 2009 11:29am Reply

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