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Keep link between body and attachment when extracting?


For backup reasons i need to save my emails and attachments regularly to a folder. To be able to process them easily even from a computer that has no or a different email-client installed i would like to use a common format for the email-body (.html, .rtf, .txt). On the first sight EMail Extractor 2.5 seemed to be a good tool to solve my problem. But i found some difficulties...
My choice of format was "email body text" which is ok for further processing. In a second pass i changed that setting to "attached files" to get the attachments saved.

While testing i was not able to keep track of which extracted attachment-file belongs to which extracted email body-text.
Is there a possibility i did not find?
I found the body-files are all automatically numbered (e.g 123 test@mail.com), but the attachment-files have no numbering and to find out which attachment belongs to which body is quite difficult. Is there a possibility to get the body-number in front of the attachment?

Btw. for ordering purpose it would be usefull to have leading zeros in front of the numbers of the extracted files (e.g. 009 test@mail.com instead of 9 test@mail.com), this would allow a correct ascending or descending order of the files.

Is there a way to extract email-body and attachments in one pass? I just found the way to change settings.

Any suggestions are welcome ;-)
by Paul Meyer on Aug 23 2009 4:55pm Reply

Keep link between body and attachment when extracting?


Thanks for your post but currently we don't have that functionality to be able to track which attachment came from which email. We'll bear it in mind for the future!
by Nico Westerdale on Aug 24 2009 11:46am Reply

Keep link between body and attachment when extracting?

my boss question was also same, i gave him this solution.
open the email which you want to save on hard disk (email with attachemt) and then click on FILE -> Save As -> select the folder in which you want to save,assign the name, by default it will take email subject as file name to save the file. thats all.
go to the folder in which you just save this email and you will find your email as outlook file, double click to open and it will open in outlook with email body along with attachments.
hope this will atleast help you to know which attachment belongs to which email.
Aziz Ahmed Khan

by Aziz Khan on Dec 28 2011 2:03pm Reply

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