Line Reader

Turn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

Line Reader
Line Reader After you've installed Line Reader you should find using the tool straightforward. You can use the tips below to get the most out of the application.
Top Tips on Getting Started Using Line Reader
1. Setting Up Line Reader
Use the main Line Reader application window to set the width, height, and color of your line, as well as the position of the line relative to your mouse cursor (left, middle, or right). If you’d like to use the Helper Line, check that box now. When you’re ready, click on the Start icon on the left side of the window. To deactivate your line, maximize the Line Reader window and click on the Stop icon.
2. Setting Up The Helper Line
You set up the Helper Line in much the same way as you established the settings for the Line Reader line. After setting the color and height of the Helper Line, use the onscreen controls to determine how much space you’d like between the cursor and the Helper Line. If you’re going to use the Helper Line, remember to check the Use Helper Line box on the Line Reader tab.
3. Customizing Tag Along Forms
Use the width and height adjustment meters to customize the size of your tag along form, up to a maximum of 250 by 250 pixels. Your tag along form can contain an image, simple text, or a reminder. To set the contents of your tag along form, just click on the Customize Tag Along Forms tab, then select the Simple Text, Reminder, or Image tab, enter your text, reminder details, or browse to the location of an image file, then click ‘Update Tag Along Form’.

Reminders are available in several types, including meetings, phone calls, and other personal notes, and can be further annotated with specific date and timestamps.
4. Using the Magnifier Window
Click on the Magnifier icon to launch the Magnifier Window. Once active, the Magnifier Window will display everything that passes under the Line Reader cursor at an enlarged size. You can set the zoom level of the Magnifier Window from 2 to 36, and the Magnifier Window itself can be resized to your needs. Click the Exit icon in the upper right of the Magnifier Window to close it.
4. Using the Measurement Window
Click on the Measure icon to launch the Measurement Window. Once active, you can take a measurement of any two points on your computer screen simply by using your mouse. Just click and hold on any point on the screen, drag the cursor to the end of your measurement, and release. The measurements that you take are collected in the Measurement Window – to export these figures to a text file, just click the Export button. To help guide your mouse during measurements, you can click the On/Off Measurement Line box to turn on a line which will be drawn between your two measurement points. Click the Exit icon in the upper right of the Measurement Window to close it.

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