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UltimaCalc - The Ultimate Windows Math Toolbox
For WindowsUltimaCalc
UltimaCalc represents a new turning point in the evolution of calculator applications, letting scientists, engineers, researchers, and students tackle complex and sophisticated computations that simply aren’t possible using other calculators.

Try UltimaCalc, and you'll wonder why your existing calculator can't do half what the ultimate Windows Maths Toolbox can!
Ready to Calculate at a Moment’s Notice
UltimaCalc The UltimaCalc application window is unobtrusive, moveable, and resizeable – giving you the freedom to leave it open all the time on your desktop for ready access. Colors and font sizes are fully customizable, or you can set the UltimaCalc window to be transparent when not in use! It’s out of sight until you need to invoke the full power of UltimaCalc’s computational abilities.

No other calculator can boast the following extraordinary features:
  • Define your own functions, even with complex numbers and variables, and build your own library of custom functions
  • Simplify algebraic expressions, even those involving trigonometric functions
  • Divide a polynomial by another
  • Find the Greatest Common Denominator of two polynomials
  • Perform calculus, including higher derivatives
  • Differentiate an expression
  • Find the integral of an expression to a specified degree of accuracy
  • Calculate to 38 digits of precision
  • Log all calculations to a text file
  • Copy and paste calculations to other applications
UltimaCalc isn't just a numerical calculator, it can also plot functions and draw charts:

UltimaCalc on WIndows XP illustrating the use of variables and showing the result as a ratio. Solve Triangles UltimaCalc charts

UltimaCalc runs on Windows 2000, Me, NT, XP, Vista, 7, 8.
  • You may download the feature limited trial, and evaluate the software for as long as you need
  • Single User license is only $29.95
  • We offer a risk free 30 day money back guarantee

Powerful and Fully Featured

Other calculator applications suffer from limited functionality due to lack of scope. UltimaCalc delivers the superior calculator experience by allowing you to open new UltimaCalc windows that are specifically designed for specialized calculations. The results obtained using these tools can be saved and opened in the main UltimaCalc window. Using these dedicated tools, you can:
  • Perform symbolic algebra
  • Calculate standard deviation
  • Calculate regression and least squares fit
  • Solve simultaneous linear and non-linear equations
  • Minimize or optimize the values of any given expression
  • Plot up to eight functions at a time, with export to image file
  • Calculate the real roots of polynomials
  • Solve for the solution of a triangle
  • Create many types of charts, with export to image file
  • Calculate navigation routes between two points
This collection of predefined tools, combined with the ability to define your own custom expression library, makes UltimaCalc a truly comprehensive solution to all of your computational needs, no matter what your area of focus. Even your reference manuals will be rendered obsolete by UltimaCalc’s handy reference table of more than 300 mathematical, physical and chemical constants!

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