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Mouse wheel to magnify

Just a couple thoughts:

I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to control the zoom level with the mouse wheel instead of having to use the slider.

Also, I was wondering why the image shifts down when you move the mouse over the magnifying window.

Perhaps adding a feature that separates the magnifying window from the control panel or bringing up the control panel with a button press.

Thanks for you time!
by Mike on Feb 28 2007 11:51am Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify

Interesting ideas, I like the mouse wheel, we will try and fit that in in the next version.

The image shifts down as it is centered when the control panel appears, I didn't really want a seperate window for the panel as it adds extra complexity.
by Nico Westerdale on Feb 28 2007 12:12pm Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify

You'll be happy to know that we've just released version 2.4 of the application which has support for the mouse wheel.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 19 2007 3:51am Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify

OK...I am attempting to use your magnifier app. on my laptop running Win-Vista and using with my mouse wheel down button click to open up the magnifier (just like the Microsoft magnifier does in conjunction with Microsoft Mice)  Your post says this app supports a mouse wheel, however I see nowhere in the app or its interface such support or ability to set the magnifier to open with a down click of the mouse wheel.  I need this to work with the several OEM mice I use with my laptops,  I often do not have a Microsoft mouse to use and rely on the OEM mice usually wireless one.

Please explain to me how to get the Mouse wheel support to work as described above with the various 5 button mice that are employed with my laptops, 1 is a ThinkPad T43p and the other is a hp DV2419us laptop either running WinXP and WinVista respectively.

by Dennis Majkowski on Jan 7 2011 2:54pm Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify


The mouse wheel support is actually to change magnification, not to open the application.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 7 2011 3:08pm Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify


Nice to see your replies to my inqueries.  They do make sense, how ever the point I was attempting to get across (and actually what I am really seeking in a mouse wheel-magnifier app that will be compatible with most OEM mice, (especially 5-button varieties), is that when using the mouse wheel for the magnifier app. that it will behave as the Microsoft version magnifier does...in that the magnifier will open over the spot or position of the curser as located on the screen AND then the magnifier-window thus follows the cursor as one moves the cursor over the screen area; thus having a contigious effect magnifiing the immediate area the cursoe is pointing to.

Presently your magnifier-app. really works well most all aspects, with the only exeption being a functionality issue where the app. reopens with the push of the mouse-wheel (just perfect), BUT placing the magnifier wndow in a "fixed" placed where it was when last used, AND the only way to move it to the screen location where it is next or currently needed is to somehow get your cursor up to the title bar and do a left-click&drag to the desired location.  NOTE if for any reason the cursor should come off that title bar or leave the immediate area of the magnifier-window itself, the entire app. very quikly and automaticly reduces/minimizes itself to the task bar, then one has to go retrieve it and try all over again to effectively get the magnifier placed where needed.

The above as described, as happens during my attempt to use the app to any significant degree, results in a rather cumbersome and frustrating experience.  I end up hoping to find Microsoft series mouse with its asscociated drivers and magnifier app. where themagnifier actually follows movement of the cursor arounf the screen...I really do desire to distance my computer from as much MS stuff as I can, thus this message and request of you in updating this app.

Nico, your app is, again, really quite well done, but please include the capability of the magnifier-window to follow mouse movement around the screen...make it a "switchable" option in the settings or setup menues; that way users can have a choice in this type of functionality(that can be turned ON or OFF as desired or needed.  I willing to beta lot of usereswould find this added capability very helpful and useful.

Very sincerely offered,
by Dennis Majkowski on Jan 27 2011 3:38pm Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify

we already have that functionality, there is a checkbox to do just that
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 27 2011 4:15pm Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify


OK,  I found the "follow mouse" option check box and made sure it was checked.  However it seems to have no such effect as would be expected.  Any ideas?  The Magnifier version is: v.2.4

Oh, by the way, I do need to employ an OEM mouse button app called "X-mouse buttom control" (v.1.52) to enable selectable functions effectively to the Kengsinton Optical-Elite mouse's 5 buttons that I am presently using.  It seems to work fine.... especially in getting the wheel's "push function" tobe recognized that does effectively bring up your magnifier app onto the screen at least.  It just does not follow the mouse's cursor position on the screen.

by Dennis Majkowski on Jan 27 2011 10:42pm Reply

Mouse wheel to magnify


My profound appology!  He's the issue hopefully better defined.  The "follow-mouse" function is infact working, that is...within the fixed borders of the app's little window as fixed into position on th screen.  What is really needed (as a selectable/switchable option) is to be able to have the ENTIRE magnifier app-window also follow the cursor around the screen.  ie: NOT have to go through a seperate process to re-position it to another fixed location.

It is this present aspect and functionality limit that is contibuting to anannoying clumbsiness in the ability to easily move the entire magnifier anywhere on the screen that it may be needed..at will with the cursor, and thus also without having the app often get itself reduced to the task bar because the cursor got moved outside the magnifiers "window area".

This is what my initial communications were hoping to bring to your attention.  Maybe you can find away to implement a "fix" for this issue in an update to the app.  It certainly would be well worth it and appreciated.  My ability to effective use this app does pretty much depend on this finding a fix.  I would also like to turn app on to some colleages of mine that are interested in the same, if I can.

Again my apology, for the misunderstanding,

Bests wishes,
by Dennis Majkowski on Jan 27 2011 11:06pm Reply

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